Disney Conference for Four

We have recently returned from our annual (at least) venture to the land of childhood. I have a conference for my continuing medical education that I like to go to in Orlando that just so happens to be held in Disney World.

The conference is great, casual and refreshing

I primarily woke with pediatrics but like to keep my hand in with family medicine plus there is a lot of overlap with adolescents.

I use Skin, Bones, Hearts and Private Parts for CME. It is exactly that. Dermatology and Msk have been my favorite this time. Last year it was Cards/Urgent Care and Dermatology. There have been different topics and speakers every year that I have come.

Coranado Springs is where we’ve stayed and where the conference is hosted. It’s great. The only other conference I’ve attended was an NPACE conference in Boston and while we loved Boston, especially in October, the conference felt long and a little stiff. I did learn a lot but it was just less fun. They also did not have speakers and topics listed very far in advance.

This year there’s a lot of construction going on at Coronado but I think the visit has still been a good one.

We usually get about an hour or so for lunch so I met the hubby and the girls who of course came to Disney with momma and made a vacation out of it. The pool is awesome and we had a great lunch at just the little pool bar (the restaurants inside the resort are good as well they just tend to get crowded and the weather was nice.

I feel like I get my money’s worth at this conference. They allow you to get the savings from the conference at the hotel a few days before after the conference. It’s a good value. Especially with the early bird discount. My family enjoys the stay with me, and being on Disney property has its perks as well—you don’t have to drive, you can easily get most whatever you need without having to get back in your car.

I have not received anything from SBHPP conference or the like I am just giving my opinion.

Feel free to ask me any questions about the conference or any previous one I’ve attended.

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